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Apr 4, 2021 0 comments

I’ve started a new blog. A bit too late, considering that many say that blogging is dying. However, I believe that all writing remains essential, and in addition, it is easier to be indexed by Google. Thus, the chance that someone will read what I write here increases. On the other hand, it’s harder for me to produce videos for YouTube than writing to my blog.

Another reason I started this blog is my attempt to reduce my dependence on Facebook. Considering the new algorithms used by Facebook, my posts are not shown even to those in my group of friends.

Moreover, my friends’ posts do not appear on my wall. Instead, Facebook feeds me all sorts of crap that doesn’t interest me. All this makes me move to another platform where I have more control.

What I’m going to write about

Most of the blog is focused on photography. In my case, photography is both a passion and a source of income.

I have been involved in photography since I was a child; I think in 5th or 6th grade, I first got my hands on a camera. I sold my first stock images in 2014 and since 2017, I am an ANC qualified photographer. 

As such, I intend to use the blog to promote my photos, both directly on the blog and by inserting links to my profile at stock agencies in image metadata.

You may also find an affiliate link on the blog from time to time. Don’t worry; I’m not getting rich from this. The small amount of money that comes from affiliate marketing is used to cover hosting costs and other expenses related to the blog.


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